Arttee Apparels New Collection 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Arttee Apparels is a company on a mission to promote art; aiming to help independent artists, Arttee Apparels has been setup as a platform for talented artists/designers to contribute their artworks to be transformed into something … Continue reading

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MORF – 1 shirt – an entire collection

Tamara Salem, an independent fashion designer has launched her fashion-invention on Kickstarter – MORF. MORF is a shirt that magically allows you to transform your look in up to 24 different ways. It may be a little hard to believe, … Continue reading

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Solehab Sets the Bar for Unique, Artistic, Elegantly Simple Apparel

Dubai, UAE – Solehab announces the launch of its new signature apparel brand featuring clean, minimalist designs that celebrate the uniqueness and creativity of each individual. Released in March 2015, the inaugural Solehab collection was created by Alistair Jameson, a … Continue reading

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Reckless Saints

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA — “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” Reckless Saints is a new start up street-wear brand based in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to lead designer, Winston Dean, after years of seeing the … Continue reading

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Atomik Cupcake: A New Brand That’s Positively Explosive with Ambition

Denver, CO, USA — Tracy Campbell was coasting through a slow, boring day behind the front desk during her apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist when a song by Supertramp came on the radio. “Ohhhh, the calamity…is there no way … Continue reading


Pinc Guerilla

What you wear tells a story about who you are. It articulates to complete strangers your style, sense of humor, and personality. “We started designing our own tees, in part, because we weren’t finding any that were really ‘us’. Making … Continue reading

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Banads is a mixed group of Germans and Americans who love both countries. According to the owner Ralf, Germans are known for • to be straightforward, but are generally candid people • their punctuality (some say it is in their … Continue reading

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Milan, Italy — Stars, molecules, viruses, urban details, but also many abstract geometries. From Milan enters the world of casual wear Freeek!™, a new brand of t-shirts designed for an audience that really wants themes really alternative to tradition. The … Continue reading

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Legend Wear CC

Mountain View, CA — Legend Wear CC was created by two individuals who believe that life is too short to be anything BUT legendary. Whether it’s bowling a perfect game or hitting a walk-off home run, they want you to … Continue reading

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The Divines Co

Plainfield, NJ – A dream is exactly where The Divines Co. was derived. Creator, Denzel, describes the spark for The Divines Co.: “In the dream were people of God-like stature. There was no judgment, segregation nor hate. These inhabitants walked … Continue reading

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