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1 Free Hoodie a Week. (Week 1)

Starting October 27th will giveaway 1 free hoodie a week to one lucky visitor. Do you want a chance to win a free hoodie from us? Simply visit, Find the Hoodie you want, and respond to this post … Continue reading


Hoodie of the Day Highlight – Modus Clothing

Hoodie of the Day Highlight This Hoodie that is on sale from Modus Collection Clothing is made by the popular Dj Santi aka “Crazy Culo” from Jamn 94.5. This zip up hoodie is not just comfortable, but it is a … Continue reading

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Hoodiezz Spell it with two Z’s

So we are trying to build our brand recognition. We figure that to do so we have to make our name synonymous with the word Hoodies. If we can successfully have individuals cognitively think of when they think … Continue reading

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Aggressive Advertising Strategies, what to do and where to start

Disclaimer: This post is not really informative. It’s more like a rant, because I really have no clue on what I want to do for my ad strategy. I mean I have a very simple concept in my head, but … Continue reading

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Keep on Keeping on

Pray, Research, invest, advertise, hustle, Pray again. In the game of life we can do everything right and still not have our life happen exactly how we plan it. The game of business is no different. I’m not saying that … Continue reading

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In my hoodie, enjoying Cyber Monday

So today is the day. It is Cyber Monday, and like I said in my previous post I am praying for a significant increase in sales. Everyone is going to be shopping online, and every online retailer has deals for … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday Extravaganza and Hoodies

So it is about to be Cyber Monday. And we cannot wait. We had a very blessed Black Friday and we are praying that it continues into Cyber Monday. Because if we have cracked this sales code a whole lot … Continue reading

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Fighting Lazyness and Cyber Monday

Sooo every company in the world has a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. And each and every one of these companies naturally would like their sale advertised. Now I have figured out a way to give some of my … Continue reading

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Savings

So we’re all saving up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You, me, and even all of the advertisers. Just like you the consumer are saving up for a spending extravaganza, advertisers are doing the same. They sell the most … Continue reading

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The best in the hood. (Hoodie that is)

My father continually tells me that man kind is made in God’s image. He is right because it says that in The Bible. My father stresses that because we are made in God’s image we are special, we are champions, … Continue reading

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