Hoodiezz Highlight: Shomari Lewis (Showtime Lewis)

In our quest to establish Hoodiezz as a well known brand and as the ultimate place to buy hoodies online.  We sometimes stumble across diamonds in the rough.

The Diamond you see to your lefts’ name is Shomari Lewis aka (ShowTime Lewis).  Shomari is a very gifted artist who is working diligently on sharing his work with the world.  His website Artissic.com displays his talents and should be visited by anyone who appreciates good art.

We here at Hoodiezz have honestly done Shomari a disservice, and we should have featured him a long time ago.  As our site grows we are planning on having designs by Shomari printed on our hoodiezz and shirtzz that can be bought on Hoodiezz.com and Shirtzz.Hoodiezz.com.

Until that day comes visit Shomari’s website Artissic.com and view his masterpieces that he has created.  Keep your eyes open for him.  One day that painting you have on the wall just might be a ShowTime Lewis original.

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