Hoodiezz Girl: Amanda Monique

The always unforgettable Amanda Monique is at it again.

Our breath taking Hoodiezz Girl not only loves modeling for your favorite Hoodie Mall ;).  She also is dedicated to making this world a better place, and is the star of a new web series called “Green Travel Girl“.

In this entertaining web series Hoodiezz Girl Amanda travels around the globe in search of the Eco-friendliest, “greenest,” fabulous places on Earth. This web series will show you everything from hotels and resorts, to hybrid and electric cars, to products 100% all-natural and environmentally friendly.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Amanda talk your selling yourself short.  Her exuberant personality will keep you wanting more.  Follow @GreenTravelGurl on Twitter, visit her at GreenTravelGirl.org, and as always find her on here rocking our Hoodiezz and looking good in them.

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