Hoodiezz Highlight: Coupon Cousins

One couponing genius can be a money saving force by themselves, but 2 couponing genius’ together will keep an amazing amount of money in your pockets.

That’s what we have when we talk about Dawn and Ladonna the super coupon blogging moms over at Coupon Cousins.

Hoodiezz.com reached out to Coupon Cousins during one of our first contests, and they made sure their loyal fans knew about every penny they could save on our website, and how they had the best chance from winning from us.

This dedicated duo consistently goes above and beyond for their readers and fans on every coupon, deal, instant win game and sweepstakes that comes across their page.

These Couponing Cousins are the money saving masters.  If you want to save some cash on the things you buy the most, and learn how to win products you’ve always wanted.  (Like a $1000 Dollar Gift Card to Hoodiezz.com 😉  “Like”  Coupon Cousins on Facebook now and tell them Hoodiezz.com sent you.

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