Hoodiezz Girl: Zuleika Janill

We ran a contest in hopes of finding a cute face to represent Hoodiezz.com.

Instead we found a model with one of the most stunning and memorable looks you’ll ever see.

We’re proud to have the winner of our “Become a Hoodiezz Girl” Photo contest Zuleika Janill representing Hoodiezz.com.

This beautiful woman loves modeling and she is going to be your first glimpse of how new Hoodiezz.com Hoodiezz and Shirtzz look, and she’ll be a source for new sales and deals from your favorite company.

Like Zuleika Janill on Facebook to see all of her modeling pics, and to see her in our clothing.  We found ourselves a star in the making.  Remember the name!!

Hoodiezz.com Girl: Zuleika Janill

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