$1000 Hoodiezz.com Gift Card Contest Has Begun

The $1000 Hoodiezz.com Gift Card Contest has begun. Sign up for the Contest at http://hoodiezz.com/contest/.

Not only do you get a chance to win the $1000 Gift Card, just by signing up your aucctomatically entered in our $250 Gift Card Sweepstakes.

There are also 3 Mini Games you can play in each week to win a $15 Gift Card. Today’s Mini Game is “Twitter Me This”, Sign Up to participate.

Tell your friends!!!

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2 Responses to $1000 Hoodiezz.com Gift Card Contest Has Begun

  1. missy crace says:

    I tweeted and shared on facebook

  2. missy crace says:

    tweeted as @burgmissy and also shared on face book