More Details for $1000 Gift Card Contest

The $1000 Gift Card Contest is from:
Monday June 25, 2012 to Friday August 31, 2012.

To win our $1000 Gift Card, Visit our Exclusive Sections, Purchase 1 of our “Big Logo Hoodies”. Once it arrives in the mail, Put it on, Take a picture of you wearing it, and submit that picture here. Send your friends to and have them vote for you. The person with the most votes will win our $1000 Gift Card!!!

Listen!!! Just by registering and getting to this page you’re already entered to win our $250 Gift Card. So if you are going to buy a Hoodie anyway, might as well get a chance to win a $1000 dollar gift card. Order your Hoodie now!! It takes a couple of days for it to arrive in the mail, and remember most votes wins. So You want to start earning them now!!!

Contest Page will be live on June 25, 2012. You can sign up for the contest then. You will be able to upload your images on your profile page after signing up. More details on the Mini Games to come.

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