Hoodman Chronicles: Coffee

Hoodman wakes up to a rainy day. He decides to work from home today, but needs his daily dose of coffee from across the street. No problem thinks Hoodman as he grabs his umbrella and steps outside. The harsh rain and wind rips his umbrella to shreds. Hoodman quickly runs back inside. He quickly goes onto Hoodiezz.com looking for a new hoodie to wear in the harsh weather. He finds an Element Atwood Full Zip Hoodie Jacket – Black. Hoodman puts on his new hoodie and opens his front door…

1.) Does Hoodman make it to the coffe store and back home in one piece? Tell us what you think happens.

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One Response to Hoodman Chronicles: Coffee

  1. Terrance says:

    He’s able to get his coffee. As he’s walks home his coffee gets blown away. He decides to invest in a coffee maker the next day. Keeping him and his hoodie dry as he sips on his cup of coffee.