Hoodman Chronicles: Basketball


The Life of The Hoodiezz Hoodman

For those who don’t know who Hoodman is, he is the Hoodiezz spokesman, he is the symbol of Hoodiezz, he is this guy to the left.

Each day Hoodman is going to tell a short story about his day and then stop just before the ending. At which he then wants you give an ending of your own for Hoodman to live out.

So today Hoodman woke up to beautiful sunny weather. Hoodman felt the need to go play some basketball. He went to an open outside court where he found some people playing ball. Hoodman tried to call next game, and no one would let him. Then Hoodman tried joining up with another team, but no one would pick him up. They kept telling Hoodman that he just didn’t look like a real bball player. Hoodman then went home and shopped Shirtzz.hoodiezz.com, and found himself a new Celtics shirt to wear (Link for the Search he used). Hoodman showed up to the courts the next day wearing his new shirt…

1.) Do you think Hoodman will get a chance to play since he is now dressed for the part?
2.) Tell us what you think happened to Hoodman when he arrived at the court wearing his new Celtics shirt?

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One Response to Hoodman Chronicles: Basketball

  1. Terrance says:

    Hoodman should be able to get on a team now and showcase his bball skills. Making all those people who was hating on him before look at him in amazement. Then leave the court like a BOSS