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Shirtzz is Blowing Up the Fashion World was just recently featured on the Urban Clothing Blog Fashion Bomb had an amazing Webvertorial about Shirtzz that you can check out here. The Fashion World is starting to see. Topless is Lame. Buy a Shirt!!

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Nicolette Paige T Shirt Giveaway

Although the main focus of and is on hoodies and t-shirts, it is also our mission to support up & coming talent whenever and in whatever way we can. We were so intrigued by Reggae and Pop artist … Continue reading


Win a $50 Gift Card and ooVoo The internet’s coolest video chat software have teamed up again to bring you our $50 dollar Gift card sweepstakes. To enter simply click the image below, Download ooVoo for free, and post the word “Downloaded” in … Continue reading


“Dude, It’s NOT Beef!” T-Shirt Giveaway

Beef Products Inc., the maker of “Pink Slime” suspended operations last Monday at all but one plant where the “lean finely textured beef (LFTB)” or “boneless lean beef trimmings” are processed, acknowledging current public backlash over the product has cost … Continue reading