Daily Hooded Talent Hype Cesar

Talented producer Hype Cesar definitely has a sound of his own.
His smooth Hip Hop beats and melody’s are something Hip Hop has been missing for some time now.
Don’t get me wrong. Hype can make a beat bump, but the flawless transition between sounds is Hype Cesar’s Trademark.
Hype. A Boston native was born to make music.
At an early age Hype would practice playing the piano, drums, and guitar with his sisters, and in middle school Hype started to write his own music.  Now 26 Hype has continued to perfect his musical talents, and is currently seeking a degree in Audio Production.
This music prodigy has the sky as his limit, and his already skillfully put together beats will only get better.
That is why Hype Cesar is our Hooded Talent of the day.

To become a fan of Hype Cesar and listen to his music for yourself Click Here and visit Hype’s Facebook page.

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