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Daily Hooded Talent Hype Cesar

Talented producer Hype Cesar definitely has a sound of his own. His smooth Hip Hop beats and melody’s are something Hip Hop has been missing for some time now. Don’t get me wrong. Hype can make a beat bump, but … Continue reading

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The international outrage over the shooting death of unarmed, 17 year old Trayvon Martin has spread to the New York State Senate. Monday, a group of senators wore hoodies (also called a hooded sweatshirt or hoody) to the state legislative session to … Continue reading

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Daily Hooded Talent Nicolette Paige

While looking around on Facebook I stumbled upon Nicolette Paige. Nicolette is A new cross over artist who masterfully mixes Reggae and Pop. I was only able to listen to 2 of Nicolette’s tracks (Because I’m very busy selling hoodies … Continue reading

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Tilly’s Shirts and Hoodies on Hoodiezz .com the leader in Skate and Surf clothing, shoes and accessories has asked us to display their products on our site, and we were happy to say yes. You can now find Tilly’s hoodies and shirts at and … Continue reading

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Guns don’t kill people. People don’t kill people. Hoodies kill people. Friday night Geraldo Rivera defended his controversial statement about the Trayvon Martin killing in which he blamed the Florida teen’s death on the hoodie he was wearing at the … Continue reading

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Reasons to Buy a Hoodie

Reasons to Buy a Hoodie in the Summer Reason 1. More Clothes for Strip Poker

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Not A Thug!! (Justice for Trayvon)

Despite what the media displays. Everyone wearing a hoodie is not a Thug or Gangster and shouldn’t be identified as one. If you want Justice for Trayvon Martin, and want to abolish stereotypes. Buy this hoodie and where it with … Continue reading

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Flash Sale on Banana Republic Shirts and Tees

Save up to 30% on all Banana Republic Tees and Shirts at Use code “SPRINGSAVE” at checkout. Hurry!! We’re only holding this sale on our site for the next 2 hours. Topless is Lame, Buy a Shirt

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Crooked Brook T Shirt Giveaway 2

There was a time when t-shirts were all the same. Today, men’s t-shirts are now available in what were once thought of as women’s colors and women’s tees are no longer smaller versions of men’s, with silhouettes cut specifically for … Continue reading


Summer Hoodies and Clearance Hoodies

Most people think that hoodies are just for the winter, and for the most part they are. People like having something over their heads when they’re in the cold, and they like having just a T shirt on when it’s … Continue reading

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