What’s under the Hood. Looking Sexy under your clothes

Have you ever seen a sexy person in a hoodie?  Honestly think about it.  Hoodies give people that comfortable appearance.  No one usually looks at a guy or a girl in a hoodie and thinks damn they’re hot!!  But little do you know you might be looking at America’s Next Top Model.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover and you can’t tell how a car runs without seeing what’s under the hood.  Even if your bumming it in your hoodie or trying to protect yourself from the elements.  You can still look amazing for the person you want to uncover for.

I’m guessing what I’m trying to tell everyone is that your hoodie days don’t have to be used for when you want to bum it.  If your looking for attention from a select person, or want attention at just the right time.  Dress sexy, get your B.A. lingerie or underwear, your tank top and muscle shirts.  Your hair done or that fresh cut, and just throw on a hoodie to throw off the masses until the time is right.  Have you ever heard of Rosa Acosta?  Maybe the baddest body on the internet (and by baddest I mean Best).  But you’d never know it if she was just rocking a hoodie until she wanted you to know it.  She probably wears them to avoid fans in her down time.  You may have seen your favorite super model or hunk in person and didn’t know it because they were saving the sexy for later.  So next time you walk past that cute girl or guy that’s bumming it in a hoodie.  Take another look to make sure they’re just bumming it, because remember you can’t judge a car just by it’s paint job.  It’s what’s under the hood that counts.


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