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Comic, Cartoon, and Game Hoodies Collection

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the most extensive collection of comic, cartoon, and game hoodies you’ll find on the web! When you want your hooded sweatshirt to reveal a bit more about who you are – our comic, cartoon, and game hoodies collection awaits your attack. Whether you’re a Frogger fanatic or a part-time caped crusader (or if you just want the world to laugh with you), you’ll find the perfect hoody to express yourself here. Our comic, cartoon, and game hoodies are produced out of fabric ranging from the more expensive organic cotton to the less expensive cotton/poly blends and fleece.While pullover and zip front hoodies continue to be the most popular, some lines offer those that fasten with buttons. Comic, cartoon, and game hoodies can be personalized further – usually through direct to garment (DTG) or silk-screen printingEmbroidery is also common, though costly when reproducing larger designs. However, tackle twill can lower that cost by cutting down on the number of stitches needed. Embroidered patches are also an option. Either way, there’s only one word to summarize our comic, cartoon, and game hoodies collection . . .  super! – A Hoody for Everyone  

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