Internet Connections

The internet is all about establishing connections.  A website owner can never have too many fans or friends.  Every Fan counts and every Friend can help bring you a new fan.

So I want to give a special thanks to my friends at Crazy Coupon Mommy and Cali Girl Hunting 4 Deals.  These two pages on Facebook continually help me.  I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the site owners personally, but I can honestly say they are my online buddies and go to guys.

Help support my buddies.  Cali Girl Hunting 4 Deals is trying to break the 1k fan benchmark.  If you love saving money visit her page and become a fan.  I promise you’ll find everything she posts more helpful than you can imagine.

And my friend at Crazy Coupon Mommy is trying to win a contest of her own.  The “Bring Home the Bacon” contest.  The Crazy Coupon Mommy goes above and beyond what’s asked of her.  If anyone is worthy of winning this prize she is.  take 2 seconds, Click Here, and vote for this wonderful woman.

For everyone out there.  Be good to your friends and never take your fans for granted. Success is not an individual accomplishment.





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