That New Shirt Smell

Shopping and purchasing something new is such an invigorating and satisfying feeling.
After you buy something do you just throw what you bought in the closet? No! You try it on or try it out. No matter what it is. You have to try it out, or see how it fits, and you definitely need to show it off. There’s nothing in this world that can replace that brand new feeling. The satisfaction you get when you throw on that new shirt or hoodie, buy that new car, or walk in those new pair of shows. It’s a feeling that we all want to feel again and again.

But have you ever noticed that when you experience something too much, it takes away from the joy you get? Some of us are blessed enough to be able to purchase whatever we want when we want it and that’s great. But can you remember back to a time when you wanted something so badly that you literally dreamt about it? Maybe it was a shirt, a hoodie, a dress, a car. Whatever it was you knew that you wanted it. When you saw it your heart raced, and when you finally were able to purchase it, your day instantly became better and you knew that it was well worth the wait.

Feelings like that make life worth living. And even though we can’t always have THAT particular feeling. We can replicate it. The beauty of online shopping is not only the discounts and the exclusive products, but also the wait that comes with it. You can see a tee shirt, a hoodie, a pair of sneakers, a hat or whatever online. Want it and purchase it at that moment, but no matter what kind of shipping option you choose, even if it’s a pick up in store. You know that you can’t have it right away. It’s going to take a day to a couple of weeks to be in your hands, and some people might look at that as a negative. But the truly appreciative know how great of a feeling it is to wait for something. To have the anticipation build up, and know that when your package arrives. Your day will brighten up, the birds will be singing a special song for you, and the air will be filled with the beautifully sweet smelling aroma of that New Shirt Smell.

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