Personality in Apparel

Why do we wear clothing? Past the obvious reasons of decency and warmth; why are clothes relevant to us as a culture and a species? We could all just wear sack clothes to cover us up and keep us warm, but we choose not to. Instead we choose to brand ourselves, because we’ve learned that the brands we wear don’t just define us, we also define the brands. From our shirts to our shoes, our hoodies to our hats. Our clothing gives the world a sneak peak into us the individual. When a person attends a football game they don’t just wear a plain sweatshirt. They wear a fully embroidered Patriots hoody with their favorite players name and number on the back. They do this because it’s not enough to just attend the game, but they have to let everyone know before they even utter a sound that they are a true grit fan. From the custom hat on their head, the shirt on their back, and the hoodie over it. They want you to know that they eat, sleep, and bleed for the Patriots. When their team loses they lose, and when their team celebrates they celebrate. It might seem extreme to some, but we all have something that we want to show about ourselves with our clothing. Whether you just wear plain shirts to let everyone know that you don’t care, or custom Shirtzz to show your uniqueness. You are telling the world about yourself in some way shape or form. So next time you’re about to put on your custom Shirtzz from Remember your not just putting on clothing, but your making a statement, and giving the world a glimpse of your unique personality in your apparel.

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