Hoodiezz.com iPad 2 Giveaway

Hoodiezz.com in partnership with ooVoo.com is giving away a brand new iPad 2.
Yes you heard right. Your favorite hoodie provider has teamed up with your favorite video chat software provider to give you the giveaway of the month.

Visit Hoodiezz.com’s Facebook page. To enter now. Don’t miss your chance to win a brand new iPad 2.
P.S. as an added bonus we’ve added a Secret Prize drawing for those of you who spread the good news with your friends.
Tell 5 friends about Hoodiezz.com’s iPad 2 giveaway and be entered into win our Secret Prize.
And trust us this one will go well with your new iPad 2.

Visit our Facebook page today.

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3 Responses to Hoodiezz.com iPad 2 Giveaway

  1. Joanie says:

    I enter every day and i should have more than 5 entries from friends…IM SO excitedto see who wins! Good luck everybody!!

  2. Annie Thissell-Riley says:

    Would love to spread the word about the contest on my Ipad…if I had one, but I don’t…so here is my comment. Give me an IPad2 and I’ll be an ooVooing freak! Everybody will know about Hoodiezz.com.

  3. Tammy turner says:

    Excited! Hope i win