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What’s under the Hood. Looking Sexy under your clothes

Have you ever seen a sexy person in a hoodie?  Honestly think about it.  Hoodies give people that comfortable appearance.  No one usually looks at a guy or a girl in a hoodie and thinks damn they’re hot!!  But little … Continue reading

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Gamer and Comic Hoodies

Comic, Cartoon, and Game Hoodies Collection Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the most extensive collection of comic, cartoon, and game hoodies you’ll find on the web! When you want your hooded sweatshirt to reveal a bit more about who … Continue reading

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Banana Republics After 5 Event: $25 off when you spend $100 or more with code BRAFTER5 at Hurry ends 11/10 11:59 PM EST. Shop the Hoodie Mall to take advantage of this great sale and many others.    

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Internet Connections

The internet is all about establishing connections.  A website owner can never have too many fans or friends.  Every Fan counts and every Friend can help bring you a new fan. So I want to give a special thanks to … Continue reading

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Men’s Urban Hoodies

While men’s urban hoodies can be traced back to the 1930’s (when hooded sweatshirts were produced  to help New York City laborers stay warm), the popularity of men’s urban hoodie is most often attributed to the rise of the hip-hop culture during the 1990’s. … Continue reading

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Big and Tall Hoodies

Our men’s big and tall hoodies collection has been created especially for men who are larger (in either inches or pounds) than the average consumer. We understand the hassle that those of us with more size go through when clothes shopping. Our … Continue reading

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ooVoo Download for iPad 2

Remember you have to get your free download of ooVoo and let it launch once to be eligible to win our iPad 2 and Secret Prize.  If ooVoo is not downloaded before Nov. 30th then your entry will be voided.

6 Comments iPad 2 Giveaway in partnership with is giving away a brand new iPad 2. Yes you heard right. Your favorite hoodie provider has teamed up with your favorite video chat software provider to give you the giveaway of the month. Visit … Continue reading


That New Shirt Smell

Shopping and purchasing something new is such an invigorating and satisfying feeling. After you buy something do you just throw what you bought in the closet? No! You try it on or try it out. No matter what it is. … Continue reading

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Personality in Apparel

Why do we wear clothing? Past the obvious reasons of decency and warmth; why are clothes relevant to us as a culture and a species? We could all just wear sack clothes to cover us up and keep us warm, … Continue reading

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